The first artist proofs for The Transfiguration series
are now on view at Harvest of New Haven through January.

The Transfiguration is a body of work designed to represent the timeless and bold elements of true choice in the human condition; exhibiting the sense of freedom and grace exuded in its receipt. Take part in the series that is now underway. A limited number of artist proofs will be produced of sculptures and paintings before full production begins.
Represented by Chilton & Chadwick

Take a tour through the elements of the series.

Fundamentals of the series can be found in its intricate weaving of innate elements of the human experience.
See how this plays a part.

Time (and Space)

Art historical references are made throughout the series as a medium to the message of the work. Full-scale paintings feature Thomas Couture’s ‘Decadence of Rome’ and Peter Paul Ruben’s ‘Massacre of the Innocents’.

Carefully selected, but common, art historical references are sourced within the collection of sculptures, including historical figures pivotal to the message.

There are repeated motifs and sources used throughout space, with the blending of Eastern and Western elements and figures – as well as space itself.

The disparity of time is heightened further in the inclusion of NASA multiwavelength images executed in paint, while new technologies and age-old techniques are used in the production of the sculptures.

Psychology (Male and Female)

The play of male and female take the role of exhibiting human psychology. This aspect touches most every level of the works, from the focus of the subject matter, to figures selected in the collection, to contrasting shape and color qualities.


Light bursts forward from the layering of wavelength images and their placement of obscuring intricate scenes – calling to mind the idea of something perceived and not. Motifs used within the collection of sculptures take on a scientific approach to visible light while obscuring form or take the approach more metaphorically in absorptive blacks or meditatively reflective golds.


The large body of work will expand on what you see here.
Opportunities to collect the first proofs or to help build the works through investment are currently available.
Please contact Joseph or Chilton & Chadwick for details.

Due the nature of the project, investments may be available with consideration to interested parties.

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There’s more work coming.

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