Joseph Malfettone, Mastery LLC & Chilton and Chadwick are offering an exciting investment opportunity. Allowing those who wish to take part in the building of a large body of art work to be exhibited & sold in a new variety of venues and outlets.

The Investment Pool 

Investments will be put into an investment pool – totaling the full amount specified. No further amount will be collected unless circumstances change. As an investor, you will be notified and consulted prior to any changes in the pool amount. Investors will receive a percentage amount of total profits collected by Joseph Malfettone &/or Mastery, LLC upon the sale of artworks created for The Transfiguration Series up to an amount specified.


We have provided a table, outlining possible likely scenarios so that you may evaluate your investment potential if you wish while understanding the scope of the work being offered.

Investments will be accepted until otherwise specified. It should be noted that investments collected through this site are an active agreement between investor and Mastery, LLC (Joseph Malfettone). A formal (hard copied) agreement will also be sent. Amounts collected will be used toward costs (direct and related to) the production of multiple media fine art – edition sculptures and original paintings for the period of one year. Sales will likely begin in the third month of production. Inherent qualities of investing should be considered.

Keeping in Touch

Enrolled investors will be updated on the progress of work & new releases prior to the general public. Notification of new works will be witheld publicly for one week, should investors wish to purchase them prior to publication.

Should you require a different style of investment, please email. The location(s) of showings and events will be sent to Joseph Malfettone and Chilton and Chadwick newsletter subscribers and investors – among additional private and public media outlets.

Pricing and costs are subject to change.

Investment & Scope


  Original Works Editions Avg. Cost Avg. Expected Price Profit Total
Sculptures 16 10 220 USD 2,400 USD 325,440 USD
Prints/Posters 8 80 30 USD 120 USD 7,200 USD
Paintings 5 1 1,800 USD 36,00 USD 171,000 USD

Please Note  Current amounts do not factor in commission agreements with the auction partner(s) nor associated fees.


  6,230 USD in Pool 12,460 USD in Pool 43,610 USD in Pool 93,450 USD in Pool 124,600 USD in Pool
% of Pool 5% 10% 35% 75% 100%
10% Profit 6,853 USD 13,706 USD 47,971 USD 102,795 USD 137,060 USD
20% Profit 7,476 USD 14,952 USD 52,332 USD 112,140 USD 149,520 USD
  • Amount Collected 0%

124,600 Available


Joe’s building a large body of work for 2018 –
expanding on what you see here. Investing is open.

✧ Investors may receive up to 130% their initial investment from sales of the series.

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