Live Painting

Set the Scene
& Capture the Moment

Joseph Malfettone is an accomplished painter with over 13 years of training and a diverse interest and ability for multiple techniques. Having first learned Venetian Renaissance portraiture he went on to study painting codices from the High Renaissance while excelling in modern studios collegiately.

Each painting begins live, enthusing guests & subtly setting the tone for your event while giving the artist the chance to take in the scene himself. All works are then completed in-depth in a studio setting.
✢ Study photographs can be included.

The Whole Picture

There is much that’s included with your live painting – From setting the right tone to just making the whole thing easier. Here’s an idea of what comes with the whole package. ✢ Travel expenses may be required, especially for venues outside of the region specified at the bottom of the page.


For a touch of romance – each live painting comes custom pre-framed. ✢ Frames from our sources included.

Study Photographs

As a part of the creative process, study photographs are taken during the event. ✢ A maximum of 7 photographs are included.


Some pieces require sketches.
If so, they will be included.✢ Inclusion of sketches will not affect pricing.

Staged Setup

We work with your venue or planner to ensure the most suitable setup for your event. ✢ Setups may require staging.

Appointments require initial consultation. Please allow > 2 months for final booking.

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Most Recent Work

From Doral Arrowwood, Rye Brook, New York

Live Wedding Painting from Doral Arrowwood, New York

Oil on canvas – 3′ Wide – Silver With Gold Frame

Live Wedding Painting detail in New York and Connecticut
live wedding painting location new york connecticut

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